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Uploading Photos


You are asked to upload a photo during the order process but can also log-in and upload it afterwards.  If you don't have a digital photo, you can mail it in to us (note $3 p/photo scanning fee)


Photo Guidelines (pay attention!)

  1. Send ONE good photo.  Good photo = great icon!
  2. Standard formats preferably .jpg but we also accept .gif, .tif, .pdf, .psd, & .bmp files.
  3. Big and clear.  We recommend that the size of the face be no smaller than a half dollar. 
  4. Front or 1/4 turn view.  We want to see the shape of the face and features, especially around the eyes. 
  5. Capture the facial expression that you want.  Smiling/laughing is best.  Don't show uncommon expressions that can change the structure and demeanor of the face such as squinting eyes or a  bashful expression unless you want your icon that way. 


  • Bigger & clear pictures are better - head should be larger than half-dollar.
  • Front or 1/4 turn view.  We need to see the shape of the face.
  • Photos should clearly show the subject's facial features, including eyes.
  • Show them smiling or the expression you want for the MyFaceIcon.


  • Small, blurry or dark.
  • Head turned face obstructed by hands etc.
  • Slated or bashful face is bad because it changes the structure and demeanor of the face and shows an expression that is rare.
  • Squinted eyes.





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