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Creating an Email Signature with your MyFaceIcon


Windows Mail or Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook

AOL Mail

Microsoft Entourage (Mac OS X)

Mac OS X Mail


To Create a Signature Using Windows Mail or Outlook Express:

  1. Start with an empty message using rich HTML formatting in Windows Mail or Outlook Express.

  2. Design your signature using the formatting tools.

  3. Select Insert | Picture and browse to the location that you saved your MyFaceIcon on your computer.

  4. Select View | Source Edit

  5. Go to the Source tab.

  6. Highlight the code between <BODY> and </BODY>. (Include <BODY> and </BODY> in the area highlighted).

  7. Select Edit | Copy from the menu.

  8. Open Notepad.

  9. Select Edit | Paste from the menu.

  10. Use File | Save to save the signature to a file called "signature.html" in your My Documents folder.

  11. Select Tools | Options... from the menu in Windows Mail or Outlook Express.

  12. Go to the Signatures tab.

  13. Click New.

  14. Make sure File is selected under Edit Signature.

  15. Use the Browse... button to open the "signature.html" file just created.

  16. Make sure the "Add Signatures to All Outgoing Messages" Box is checked.

  17. Click OK.

  18. Test your new signature.


To Create a Signature Using Microsoft Outlook:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Options. The Options dialog will appear.

  2. Click the Mail Format tab

  3. Verify that your compose message format is set to HTML

  4. Click the Signatures button at the bottom on the dialog.

  5. In the Create Signature dialog, click the New button.

  6. Type a name for your new signature.

  7. Click the Next > button.

  8. Right-click in the Signature text box.

  9. Select Insert Image from the pop-up menu

  10. In the Picture dialog, click the Browse button.

  11. In the Picture files dialog, browse to the location that you saved your MyFaceIcon on your computer.

  12. Highlight the image file and click Open.

  13. In the Picture dialog, click the OK button. Your image will appear.

  14. Add any other text as needed.

  15. Click the Finish button.

  16. Click the OK button. Your signature is created and you should be back at the Options dialog.

If you look in the signatures section, you'll see Outlook has assigned your new signature to new messages. This means each time you create an email, this signature will appear at the bottom of the email.


On Demand Email Signatures in Outlook


Some people prefer to use signatures as the exception and not the rule. This is particularly true if the signature is used for special scenarios. For these situations, we recommend you change the Signature setting.


Note, you must compose emails in the without using Microsoft Word as your email editor for this to work.


To change the Signature setting and insert as needed,

  1. Navigate to the Mail Format tab.

  2. In the Signatures section, change the Signature for new messages to .

  3. Click the OK button.

  4. Click the New button to create an email.

  5. Type your email message

  6. From the Insert menu, select Signature.

  7. From the side menu, select the Signature you wish to use.

  8. Edit your email as needed.

There are a couple of caveats about including images in emails. The good news is that you can click the image in your email message and resize it if needed. The bad news is not everyone displays images in emails. Some people prefer email in text only format. In these cases, your image will not be seen.


To Create a Signature Using AOL Mail:

  1. Login to your AOL Mail account
  2. Click the Mail menu, then click Mail Signatures or Set Mail Signatures.
  3. Click the Create button.
  4. In the Signature Name box, type a name for this signature, for example, Signature1.
  5. In the Signature box, type the text you want to use as your signature, adding any text styling features you want from the style toolbar.
  6. If needed, you can insert an item from your Favorite Places by clicking the Heart icon, then clicking the Favorite Place you want to include.
    Note: If you are using the AOL� 8.0 or higher software, you can add your MyFaceIcon or other image (.BMP, .JPG, .GIF, or .ART) using the camera icon and selecting your MyFaceIcon that you saved on your computer.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. Click the X button in the upper-right to close the Set up Signatures window.

To Create a Signature Using Microsoft Entourage (Mac OS X):

  1. Have each person in your organization who wants to create a personalized signature utilizing their MyFaceIcon download the GIF file we provide to their local system.
  2. In Entourage go to: Tools -> Signatures -> New
  3. Name your custom signature and type your contact info, you can use the basic HTML formatting tools displayed. A general fyi, the web safe fonts to use are Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Verdana, and Trebuchet. If you don�t use one of those fonts, you run an increased risk of the recipient not viewing your signature as you intended.
  4. For some strange reason Microsoft decided not to give us an option to insert a photo in the signature window, so go back to the main menu and go:    Message -> Insert -> Picture 

NOTE: If you happen to have an email open that you�re editing Entourage might decide to insert the picture there instead of your signature, so make sure all other Entourage windows are closed before doing this). Insert the custom signature graphic.

  1. Close this window (which should save your signature, check in the list to make sure it�s there).
  2. To set this signature up to insert automatically go to:   Tools -> Accounts and double-click your email account to open its settings window.

  3. Select the 'Options' pane, and the first option is the signature to use on this account's messages by default.

  4. Select the signature you just created from the drop-down menu.

  5. To set the default mail format to HTML so you don't need to switch it on each time, go to the Entourage application preferences (Entourage menu; 'Preferences').  Select 'Compose' and in the 'General' section there are drop-down menus for the default format for mail and news messages. Set these to HTML.

Use Text Formatting and Images in Mac OS X Mail Signatures

To add colors, text formatting and images to a signature in Mac OS X Mail:

  1. Select Mail | Preferences... from the menu.
  2. Go to the Signatures tab.
  3. Highlight the signature you want to edit.
  4. Now highlight the text you want to format.
    • To assign a font, select Format | Show Fonts from the menu and select the desired font.
    • To assign a color, select Format | Show Colors from the menu and click the desired color.
    • To make text bold, italic or underlined, select Format | Style from the menu, followed by the desired font style.
    • To include your MyFaceIcon with your signature, use Spotlight or Finder to locate the GIF file you've saved to your local system, then drag and drop it to the desired location in the signature.
  5. Go to the Composing tab.
  6. Make sure Rich Text is selected under Message Format: for formatting to be applied to signatures.



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